Pictured above: (left) Sallie Jarosz, Immediate Past President at Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW); (right) Dianne Jones, Sr. Manager of Client Services at Maxis Advisors

Spotlight on Dianne Jones

Pictured above: (left) Sallie Jarosz, Immediate Past President at Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) Charlotte; (right) Dianne Jones, Sr. Manager of Client Services at Maxis Advisors.

“We’re really glad to have you here,” Dianne told me warmly with a smile, concluding our lunch together. It was a Tuesday afternoon early in July, shortly after I joined Maxis Advisors. I was still very much in that “new job jitters” stage when Dianne offered to take me out for lunch, getting to know the new girl and offering me an informal overview of the company I had just joined. Since then, I’ve enjoyed many sit-down talks with Dianne, utilizing her mentorship, asking her for guidance, and seeking out her perspective wherever I can get it.

Dianne joined Maxis Advisors as an Executive Assistant in the fall of 2013. She was promoted to a Business and Project Manager the following year, then a Senior Project Manager in 2017. She continued in that role until June 2019, when she was promoted to her current role as Senior Manager of Client Services. Dianne’s expertise has assisted several expansion and relocation projects, ranging in size from $120,000 to $113 million.

“In addition to all she has contributed on the Project Management, and soon to be Client Services, front, Dianne has assumed a role on the Leadership Team and has had meaningful contributions since day one. Overall, we could not ask for a better team member who exhibits our core values both externally and internally,” says Patric Zimmer, President at Maxis Advisors. Dianne has worked on several key projects and “is very well respected within the economic development community.”

But Maxis isn’t the only place Dianne is crushing it. At CREW Charlotte’s 2019 Impact Awards in December, Dianne was presented with the Member-to-Member Business Award for her ability to recruit and support CREW talent. With her vast network of connections, Dianne empowers other women in commercial real estate by securing business through referrals.

According to their website, CREW Charlotte “consists of a diverse group of professional women and men engaged in commercial real estate and related service industries. There are a wide range of disciplines represented within CREW Charlotte, including real estate brokers, attorneys, bankers and title industry professionals to engineers, developers, and architects. CREW Charlotte was founded in 1990, and its core purpose is to influence the success of the commercial real estate industry by advancing the achievements of women.”

“Dianne is driven, not only by getting business through her connections, but also by helping others to connect and develop their business. CREW Charlotte values Dianne. She understands our mission and exemplifies the characteristics that move us forward in advancing women professionally in CREW,” says Robin Turner, CREW Charlotte President.

In addition to CREW, Dianne is also a member of the South Carolina Economic Developers Association, North Carolina Economic Developers Association, and a national member of WIM (Women in Manufacturing). Dianne sits on the board of directors for Legal Studies at her alma mater, Methodist University, as well as the board of directors at East Mecklenburg High School where she graduated.

We are so thankful to have Dianne on the Maxis team. No one better demonstrates our company’s core values while maximizing our client relationships to their fullest.

Based in Charlotte, N.C., Maxis Advisors is a highly-skilled site selection and negotiated incentives company that helps clients in various industries including manufacturing, logistics, technology, financial, and real estate development to maximize opportunities. For more than 20 years, Maxis Advisors has built a strong reputation serving clients, working in over 40 states, and helping companies grow through projects resulting in more than $10 billion in capital investment and 9,500 jobs.

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