Frontier Spinning Mills – Capital Investment

Frontier Spinning Mills is a globally recognized industry leader for spun yarns.

They employ over
1,600 workers in six manufacturing facilities
throughout the United States, establishing them as
one of the world’s largest suppliers
for the weaving industry.

The Challenge

Effective technological advances in manufacturing operations fuels Frontier’s success. Staying ahead of the international competition requires regular capital investment in plants and state-of-the-art equipment. Frontier plans its capital investment over several years – all while working to reduce production costs.

Frontier faced a particularly critical challenge when it needed to leverage a $22 million investment while lowering costs.

Frontier needed to leverage a
$m investment
while lowering costs

The Solution

Having developed a rock-solid partnership for over 11 years, Maxis Advisors analyzed Frontier’s multiple manufacturing locations, then packaged and presented economic development officials with a compelling business case in a multi-state competition for capital investment.

Maxis Advisors
packaged and presented
a compelling business case
for capital investment

The Results

Maxis Advisors negotiated $600,000 in “above the line incentives” in addition to $1.6 million of statutory funding. This incentives package was more than 60% greater than Frontier would have obtained on its own.

The incentives helped generate a 3% reduction in the project’s capital cost. This significantly improved internal rate of return was another valuable step in keeping Frontier ahead of its international competition.

in “above the line incentives”

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